Specialist Programmes

The following specialist programmes are delivered to meet clients needs in the UK and around the world. All programmes are designed to protect assets through the reduction and management of risks. Other special programmes, not shown below have been developed and delivered for your clients.

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Information Security for Business Traveller

Trident Manor personnel have delivered this programme to the ‘Export Academy’ of the British government’s, Department of International Trade to provide guidance and advice on Information Security. Our personnel have experience working for governmental and corporate organisations in over 40 countries around the world and can provide delegates with several case studies to demonstrate the importance of information security for business travellers and to reinforce that threats are real and are likely to be encountered.

To find out more and arrange a booking, contact us.

Proactive Operational use of CCTV

This programme has been delivered all over the world for multiple sectors including oil and gas, culture, and education. The content focuses on developing the skills and abilities of those who use CCTV systems to protect their organisations and assets. Both theoretical and practical-based learning is taught to fully engage delegates in their role as CCTV operators and the incidents they may be faced with. To find out more and arrange a booking, contact us.

Security Risk Assessment Programme – CPD Certified

This is an intermediate specialist programme designed to educate the participants to identify and conduct risk and vulnerability assessments of their assets. Starting with an understanding of the different threats that exist and how they can manifest themselves, the programme provides the attendees with skills and knowledge on how to assess and prioritise risks as well as vulnerabilities. Finally, sensible and pragmatic security practices are discussed to help reduce the risks to tangible and intangible assets (e.g. properties, staff, public, reputation, etc.) through the delivery of proactive protection methods. This is a 1 day course that can be delivered at our client’s request. To find out more and arrange a booking, contact us.

Emergency and Crisis Management Training

Trident Manor has worked with corporate clients to develop and create bespoke emergency and crisis management plans. The learning and development aspects have been delivered at Board level in the form of a briefing, followed by exercising through to the operational teams where simulated emergency and crisis situations exist.

Allowing a workforce to understand what is expected of them during a crisis and giving them the tools to positively respond reduces the impact. The benefits of this type of corporate training became evident during the early days of the COVID-19 virus when clients were able to implement the lessons learnt to enable a proactive and timely response to the situation. This enables risks to be reduced and staff to remain safe whilst at work. (This training can be delivered globally.) To find out more and arrange a booking, contact us.

Train the Trainer (T3) Programme

This is a specialist-level programme, CPD Certified, designed to provide future trainers with the necessary skills and knowledge on how to deliver meaningful and engaging lessons.

The training will help delegates navigate through the different learning techniques available and decide which ones to adopt based on the assessment of their student’s needs and requirements. To find out more and arrange a booking, contact us.

Supervisor Development Programme – CPD Certified

This is an operational level programme, CPD certified, designed to provide supervisors working in security with the necessary skills and knowledge to fulfil their daily tasks while meeting the highest operational standards. Sensible and pragmatic operational practices are discussed that help participants overcome daily challenges while on duty. The programme combines theory with group discussions and scenario-based exercises that learners can apply to real-life situations. A CPD certificate will be provided to all learners upon completion and passing of a written exam. To find out more and arrange a booking, contact us.