Security and Risk Management at Cultural Venues – CPD Certified

Cultural Heritage

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  • Darlington
  • 14/09/2023
  • All Day
  • TMTA
  • +441325 734850

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Security and Risk Management at Cultural Venues – CPD Certified


All Day



+441325 734850

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Target Audience: this workshop has been designed and created for those working within the cultural heritage sector and whom have risk management responsibilities through their roles or positions.

What has been identified from within the cultural heritage sector itself is that there is very little training available to help identify and manage the adversarial risks that exist; including naturally occurring hazards.

The workshop, CPD certified, starts by helping the participants understand the different threats that exist within the sector to people, property, operations and organisational reputation. It then shows how the threats can manifest themselves into attacks and how through correct training staff can play a proactive part in identifying and preventing them, or at least minimising the impact.

The participants are provided with materials that enable simple threat and vulnerability assessments to take place before undertaking a risk assessment of a cultural venue.

The workshop is very interactive, and participants are involved in undertaking vulnerability assessments at a cultural site in Darlington as well as completing risk rating tables through a risk assessment process.

At the end of the workshops, the participants will have increased knowledge and understanding of the following areas:

  • The threats faced by cultural and heritage venues.
  • How attacks are committed and the different stages.
  • The benefits of situational awareness and staff training.
  • Methods used in assessing risks.
  • Identifying and assessing vulnerabilities.
  • Building defence in depth.
  • Effective operational practices.

After completion of the programme, a certificate of attendance and a handout with a summary of the main topics covered will be sent to participants via email. 

Price: discounts on group bookings are available. To know more about these, please contact Valentina Sabucco.

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