Counter Terrorism

Terrorism is the use or threat of violence for political or ideological aims and has been used as a weapon for centuries. Although the origins are disputed, the old saying “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” remains as valid today as it did 50 years ago. Whilst Trident Manor has provided guidance and support to multiple national and international organisations, Trident Manor Training Academy has developed appropriate counter-terrorism programmes to benefit organisations that could face this serious threat. Our senior management team has the skills, knowledge, and experience to deliver these programmes and help protect your assets in a safer and more secure environment. Our services are tailored to the individual or organisation and are based upon the existing or anticipated risks to the assets. The counter-terrorism training programmes we offer can be found below. If you have any further enquiries regarding counter-terrorism, contact us today.

VIP Protective Driving Programmes

Where threats against an individual exist it is important that levels of alertness are maintained while driving. This programme helps the driver or threatened individual understand the threats that exist, and how they can manifest themselves, before providing skills to avoid or respond to incidents. This programme is accredited at Level 3 by NCFE. For further information, contact us.

Situational Awareness Programme – CPD Certified

This programme enables a workforce to increase its level of awareness and vigilance around terrorist acts and methodologies. The programme increases levels of alertness and enables “Proactive Prevention instead of Reactive Responses”. This programme is CPD certified and also helps improve personal security and the meeting of organisational duty of care. For further information, contact us.

Surveillance Detection

This programme helps individuals and organisations potentially identify pre-attack hostile surveillance against individuals or locations, in doing so enabling proactive prevention and potential disruptive actions to be implemented. As with the situational awareness programme, this training also improves personal security and helps meet the organisational duty of care obligations. For further information, contact us.

Entry Level – Counter-Terrorism Risk Assessing

During this programme, delegates are taught how to understand the different types of terrorist threats that exist, their attack methodology, and undertaking a CT risk assessment and proactive prevention strategies rather than choosing a reactive response. For further information about this programme, contact us.