Personal Safety and Security Training in Mexico City, Mexico

In July, our Managing Director, Andy travelled to Mexico City, Mexico to deliver our CPD Certified Personal Safety and Security Training programme, Preventing Workplace Violence and a Security Management programme for security staff working for one of our international clients.

Over the 10-day trip, over 150 delegates from the global organisation completed our training programme to strengthen their skills and broaden their knowledge on safety and security to ensure they are aware of different threat types that could impact their personal and work life.

It is really important to us at Trident Manor that the content of any programme is fit for purpose and has a good mixture of theory, group engagements, and practical exercises. It is also important to recognise the achievements of the delegates taking part. Therefore, each delegate is awarded a certificate for each of our programmes they have completed.

The feedback that we have received since completing the training has been excellent, ensuring that each training session was beneficial and offered useful advice and guidance that can now be implemented by the security teams at work.

Some of the comments from those we have taught include:

“All excellent. Hopefully, we can do more workshops like this more often” and “Having more courses on this topic will help us a lot, thank you.”

The need for accredited training on this is growing around the world, and we are more than happy to discuss the accredited training programmes that we offer and how we can cater them to your organisation. Feel free to contact a member of our team here. We look forward to hearing from you.