Security Risk Management at Cultural Venues Training in Cambridgeshire

On Tuesday 4th July, we delivered our CPD Certified Introduction to Security Risk Management at Cultural Venues programme to representatives of 14 museums in and around Cambridgeshire.

This programme is an essential programme for staff members or volunteers working in the cultural sector to understand how to identify risks, the risk recording process, and follow-up procedures. Cultural venues are exposed to several risks from adversarial to environmental and they should all be considered when discussing the venue’s organisational risk management plan to prevent risks from escalating and causing threats to safety and security.

During our CPD-certified Cultural Heritage Protection programmes, we want groups to understand that they can be proactive in their decision-making by completing our programmes and will walk away feeling knowledgeable and experienced in how to manage potential risks.

For more information on our programmes dedicated to the protection of cultural heritage, please contact us on 01325 734850 or [email protected]. We hope to hear from you soon!