Delivering Cultural Protection Training in the North East

On the 11th of May, we visited a venue in the North East of England to deliver our CPD Certified Introduction to the Protection of Cultural Venues. This is one of many certified training programmes we offer dedicated to educating others on how to protect the cultural sector from the threats that may present themselves.

This programme allows delegates to understand the threats, the attack methodology used by criminals, situational awareness, surveillance detection, and effective operational practices that can be adopted by venue staff to proactively prevent any threats from escalating.

The stunning, historic venue used for the training was the perfect location for the session with the open gallery spaces allowing role-play activities to take place. During these activities, we demonstrate how a simple ‘Hello, how are you?’ can make potential criminals feel seen and can prevent them from carrying out suspicious activity. Real-life case studies are shared to show how criminals use surveillance activities as part of the planning to target a specific venue.

Based on the feedback we received, we are confident that all attendees enjoyed their training with us with one delegate saying, “Andy was very informative, engaging, not to mention entertaining”. During all our training sessions, we want delegates to enjoy the session whilst enhancing their existing skills as members of staff at cultural venues, whether they are front of house, invigilators, security, or sales assistants. Our training is beneficial for everyone!

For further information regarding our Cultural Protection Training, make sure to visit the webpage here. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.