Training Delivery in Lancashire, UK

From the 10th to the 11th of November, the team visited Preston, Lancashire to deliver three of our specially developed programmes.

  • Situational Awareness – CPD Certified
  • Mail Screening and Suspect Packages
  • Crisis Communications

Both security staff and senior management staff completed the training to benefit their existing policies and procedures surrounding security and crisis management at their venue.

When delivering the training, we used both theoretical and practical-based learning so delegates can understand the topic through key terminology and for them demonstrate their understanding of what we have discussed in scenario-based activities.

During the Situational Awareness programme, we had members of the group wear blindfolds and use their senses, touch, taste, sound and smell, to identify what item was being placed in front of them. This was to show the importance of using all our senses and how they become heightened when one of them is out of use, in this case, their sight.

The practical activity for Mail Screening and Suspicious Packages was to undergo checks on several suspicious parcels and letters that had been delivered to the venue. By using the 7 S’s process, they were successful in identifying anything that did not seem normal and what further steps they would take to ensure staff, visitors and the venue remained safe. The skills they developed during our Situational Awareness programme proved to be useful in identifying anything not of normality.

Finally, during the Crisis Communications programme, the group were tasked with providing a holding statement and a media interview regarding the case of a missing child on their premises. They were instructed on what these should include and how to conduct them if they shared across different media platforms.

Overall, our team had a great time training each group and we look forward to any future training opportunities. For further information on these programmes and how we can visit your venue, please contact us.