Accredited Driver Training Programmes

Trident Manor Training Academy (TMTA) is one of few training providers in the North East of England to provide specialist driver training programmes.

If you are responsible for driving a vehicle for work, delivering or transporting high-value items, or are entrusted with the protection of individuals, our internationally experienced instructors can provide you with additional competencies and driving skills: The following are the NCFE accredited driver training programmes offered by TMTA:

  • Level 2 Driving Defensively
  • Level 3 Protective Transportation of High-Value Artefacts
  • Level 3 Specialist Protective (VIP) Driver Training
  • Level 3 Driver Assessing
  • Airside and Defensive Driving and Situational Awareness Programme
  • Emergency Response Driving
  • SASAP – Situational and Surveillance Awareness Programme

All our programmes are designed to improve the quality and standards of driving in order to reduce the risk of road traffic incidents. Enhanced skills are taught to help drivers proactively protect clients including situational and surveillance awareness, reaction to incidents, and risk assessments.

We have also created a frequently asked questions blog highlighting the most common questions we get asked about our driver training. This blog post is available to read here and could help in your decision-making to choose TMTA as your next training provider.

For further information and to make booking arrangements, contact us today on 01325 734849 or send us an email. We hope to hear from you soon!