The Benefit of Personal Safety and Security Training

“It is only by preserving life and keeping individuals safe can organisations meet their legal and moral duty of care obligations” (Davis:2018).

Violence and the perception of violence have increased to a level that nowhere is truly safe from its effects, whether at work, travelling, or even in our homes. Trident Manor has developed a series of certified programmes to reduce the risks faced by individuals and the organisations they work for, whether in the United Kingdom or globally.

Trident Manor believes in proactive prevention through increased awareness and vigilance rather than reactive responses and in doing so levels of harm are greatly reduced, and conflict situations are more likely avoided. 

The following are programmes delivered by TMTA and are all CPD certified:

  • PSSW™ (Personal Safety & Security Workshop)
  • Preventing Workplace Violence
  • Situational Awareness Workshop

Our PSSW™ has been delivered to hundreds of delegates from around the world. When the tragic death of Sarah Everard happened in March 2021, we delivered this programme to help share our knowledge and awareness regarding proactive protection and how it prevents threat sources and risks from escalating. Following the success and support we received from the online session, it was delivered again in person to women of Asian ethnicity to offer them support due to growing concerns of sexist and racist attacks in the area.

For further information or enquiries about the range of programmes that are available, please contact the team on 01325 734850 or via email. We are happy to deliver our programmes both in venues and online, nationally, and internationally. 

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