Q&A – Driver Training Programmes

Trident Manor Training Academy (TMTA) is proud to offer specialist driver training programmes that are NCFE Accredited and taught by internationally renowned instructors. We are one of few training providers who can provide a range of programmes that meet the needs of multiple sectors.

To help you choose the correct programme for you or your organisation, we have answered our most frequently asked questions about the driving programmes we offer to help in your decision-making:

Q) What driver training programmes do you offer?

We currently offer seven driver training programmes. These can also be developed into hybrid courses that are client-specific:

  • Level 2 – Driving Defensively
  • Level 3 – Protective Transportation of High-Value Artefacts
  • Level 3 – Specialist Protective (VIP) Driving
  • Level 3 – Driver Assessment Programme
  • SASAP – Situational and Surveillance Awareness Programme
  • Emergency Response Driving
  • Airside Defensive Driving and Situational Awareness

Q) Where are these programmes delivered?

The programmes can be delivered anywhere in the world. For UK-based programmes, we will use our own facilities in the North East of England or regional locations, subject to the audience.

Q) What are the benefits of completing a driver training programme?

Fundamentally each of our programmes are designed to improve the quality and standards of driving in order to reduce the risks of road traffic accidents or incidents while driving.

For the specialist protective programmes enhanced skills are taught to help drivers proactively protect clients or cargo.  These include situational and surveillance awareness, reaction to incidents, and risk assessing.

Our assessor programme enables organisations to train their own staff to conduct an evaluation of drivers’ (new and existing) skills and suitability to drive for that organisation. This saves money and acts as an internal quality control mechanism.

Q) Do I need to have any previous experience for any of the programmes?

All delegates must have proof of identity and be able to provide a verified driving licence issued by a relevant national body.

For some of the specialist programmes, approval from an organisation is required alongside a minimum level of work experience.

Primarily, we are looking for drivers who want to play a proactive part in reducing the risks faced by their organisations or clients by improving their driving skills and abilities and reducing accidents.

Q) Who would find these programmes useful?

Individuals who are passionate about continued professional development and who see the benefits (professionally and personally) in undertaking such programmes.

The type of organisations that would benefit from these programmes is never-ending. A snapshot of sectors that would find them beneficial include:

  • Haulage companies
  • Humanitarian organisations working in difficult environments
  • Diplomatic missions
  • Art Handlers
  • Security Drivers
  • Fleet managers
  • Private individuals

Q) How do I book a programme?

All available training dates are uploaded on our training calendar. The calendar allows you to select your chosen programme and make a booking directly on our online shop. If you have any issues with booking a programme, please contact a member of our team via the contact details below.

Q) How can I find more information?

The ‘Driving’ webpage (link) on our website lists all our driver training programmes with an outline of what to expect. If you would like more information on any of our programmes, please contact a member of our team on 01325 734850 or via email.

If you have any further questions regarding our driver training programmes, contact our team who are happy to help. We hope this Q+A blog was helpful and that you choose TMTA to be your next training provider.