Door Supervisor Training – Lancashire

TMTA had another group attend our SIA regulated Door Supervisor training programme delivered in Lancashire to staff from two client organisations in the region.

The training was delivered by one of our female trainers whom themselves are still actively involved in undertaking door supervision activities in inner-city hospitality venues. The advantage of this is that they can share real-life experiences that can mean the difference between a positive and negative outcome where it is highly likely that violence, physical and verbal, can escalate.

The delegates appreciated and enjoyed the training that was provided in a highly professional way. Andy Davis, the Managing Director commented, “It is important that we not only provide a quality training service but that it is done so in a realistic manner. It is also important that we demonstrate the diverse nature of security work, and I am very happy that we have high-quality female security trainers.”

TMTA are delighted to have had another opportunity to deliver training with our team to different locations around the UK. We are also looking to deliver further SIA regulated training programmes and our specialist CPD Certified programmes in the UK including at our base in Darlington and facilities in the Blackpool/Preston area. For further details, please contact the team on 01325 734850 or via email: [email protected].