How to Renew Your SIA Licence – All You Need to Know

Do you intend to renew your SIA Licence?

If you intend to renew your licence, it is best to make sure you give yourself plenty of time before the expiration date looms upon you. You can apply to renew your licence four months before your current licence expires.

You should submit your renewal application as soon as you can. Applying early will give you the flexibility and peace of mind that the application process will reduce the risk of you being unlicensed and unable to work in a security role.

Here is the good news!

The SIA assures that you will not lose time on your new licence by renewing early. They will add any time left on your current licence onto your new one. Your new licence will be valid from the day we grant it.

The application fee for a renewal is the same as for a new licence: £190. However, the SIA will discount the application fee by 50% if all the following are true:

  • You already hold another licence for a different licensable activity.
  • You paid the full application fee for that licence (so, it was not discounted).
  • That licence has more than four months left to run.

How long will your renewal application take?

The SIA cannot tell you exactly how long your renewal application will take. This is because many things can affect the speed of your application. However, you can go to this Decision Timescale Indicator to answer a few basic questions and it will give you an accurate estimate as to how long your application will take.


  • Currently, there are 7 licence holders aged between 90 and 96 (We think that’s amazing!)
  • Additionally, there are 40,773 female licence holders and 351,370 male licence holders.

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