TMTA delivered training on the Protection of Cultural Venues in Bishop Auckland.

On Tuesday 23rd November, Trident Manor team members visited The Spanish Gallery, in Bishop Auckland, to deliver training on the Protection of Cultural Venues to museum’s staff. Attendees were informed of the potential threats and risks to which cultural assets, staff, and members of the public can be exposed to during the opening and closing times of the museum.

The Spanish Gallery opened on 15th October 2021 and is the first UK gallery dedicated to the art, history, and culture of Spain. Staff members, volunteers, and members of The Auckland Project which promotes cultural venues in Bishop Auckland, attended the training to increase their knowledge of what can cause loss, harm, or damage to their assets and proactive steps and practises they can undertake to minimise the risks.

The training included how to become situationally aware, recognise surveillance activities, and touched on many real-life examples of how cultural venues have suffered from several crimes over the years, including theft, vandalism, and in some cases terrorism. To show how to respond to difficult or emergency situations, the group engaged in role-playing activities to apply the concepts and advice learnt during the workshop to real scenarios.  These included for example how to deal with a person under drugs and alcohol in a gallery space, as well as with individuals showing suspicious behaviour in a venue’s premises.

We have since received great positive feedback from attendees to the training and are confident that our CPD certified content provides each group with the skills needed to protect communities’ cultural treasures here in the UK as well as abroad.

Trident Manor Training Academy can deliver Cultural Property Protection training nationally or internationally, using online platforms (i.e. Zoom) when travelling may not be permitted or restrictions are in place.  If you or your organisation would like to know more about our programmes for the heritage sector as well as the consultancy services Trident Manor provides, please contact our Cultural Protection Lead, Valentina Sabucco on 01325 734849 or send her an email. We hope to hear from you soon!