International Delivery of Situational Awareness Programme

Trident Manor Training Academy delivers online situational awareness training to delegates from across the USA.

Trident Manor Training Academy (TMTA) continued the delivery of our specialist CPD Certified – Situational Awareness programme to international delegates. On this occasion, Valentina Sabucco delivered the programme to delegates from across the USA. The feedback was excellent and described as some of the best ‘online’ training that had been received.

Andy Davis, our managing director said, “The importance of situational awareness cannot be overstated. Whether from a personal security perspective or as a conflict avoidance tools being able to assess a situation and interpret what your senses are telling you means that you are far more likely to proactively prevent rather than reactively respond to a potential harmful situation.”

Our programme has been delivered to organisations and individuals from around the world and is seen as an essential element of meeting organisational duty of care responsibilities.

For further information feel free to reach out to Henry Pattison, TMTA training development and delivery lead. (Henry.[email protected]) or by telephone: +44 (o) 1325 734850.